Profit Injection Strategy Session

90-minute interactive strategic session via zoom is designed to address your most pressing business concerns where you walk away with an action plan that you can implement and get immediate results.


1 on 1 Live Zoom Session with Replay 

Your Life + Business After the Profit Injection Strategy Session

When I came to Wendy, I felt stressed defeated and overworked. Every week I struggle to generate paying leads and spend hours on proposals only to be told by the client, they're not ready to begin. Wendy gave me a strategy to improve my website as well as automate a few of my processes. She also gave me feedback as to how I can improve my image and level up so that I do not come across as being an amateur. What I liked most was seeing how all of the different tools work together to automate workflows. Once I am able to put these systems in place, I see my time spends hands-on doing tasks will be cut in half. Wendy is very direct and straight to the point yet hilarious and entertaining. I'd been watching Wendy for a while going back and forth about reaching out. One day out of the blue she asked me if she could call me. Now I am in the early stages of redesigning my website, enhancing my copy and defining exactly what it is that I do.- Shara Cutts | Lead Cinematographer of Spliced Ego Films

Wendy always came across to me as someone who knew Excatly what to and was very serious about what type of client she wants to work with. She know exactly how to help you and gives you a sense of relief. I loveeeee Wendy ! She is someone who is going to help you while giving you real raw advice and strategies. She does not play around with her clients. She is serious and wants to help you succeed . She helped me with the automation of my tax business along with real life issues that I faced during my start up phase. She gives you resource and connects to whoever you need to help you in different areas of your business.Wendy helped give me a strategy to automate my workflow and onboarding process for my clients. She helped me understand who my target audience and client avatar was. Now that I have worked with Wendy I feel at ease and my business will flow for myself and clients. The systems I have in place will get me to me goals for my business. You need to work with Wendy she is amazing. -Annette Campbell | CEO of the Tax Experience

This woman OVER DELIVERS, but man she is fucking genuine and honestly IDK WTF she did but she activated something in this brain that got me over here purging all types of goodness. She really does provide clarity y’all! She has a gift and I am thankful for her this morning! I literally had to write her name in my gratitude journal bc what she did for me during that session was far greater than what I had expected and worth more than what she charges‼️ Not only not that! I made my investment back in sales while on my call with her-Sharena Loggins, owner of The Regal Phoenix

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Yes, Add How to Achieve Your Revenue Goal with The Right Client Experience

For $97 More Get access to my new masterclass: How to Achieve Your Revenue Goal with the Right Client Experience a on-demand training. 

Inside you will learn:

  • a failproof way to attract the right clients who are ready to buy
  • how to create a new client onboarding funnel that supercharges your client retention
  • what type of content to send out after a prospect signs up for your lead magnet aka freebie
  • the exact process to follow to set up three different types of intake forms that qualify your prospects and hold them accountable 
  • and more


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