Profit Planner 2.0. Business Playbook

Takes the guesswork out of figuring out how to create a demand for your products and services and it walks you through a framework to monetize your expertise.


The Profit Planner 2.0. Business Playbook will help you:

Launching a new Business is a Piece of Cake If You Grab this Profit Planner

Starting a new business can be overwhelming especially a service based business to understand how to build and have the right systems in place. I was worried about how AJ was going to manage and operate my business while working fulltime. I had no clue where to start and Wendy definitely helped me connect the dots. I need to come up with a plan for my business and become organized. Wendy profit play book is amazing it’s everything you need as a business owner to really get a clear vision of what you want for business included goals strategies, plans etc.- Annette Campbell of

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Yes, Add The YES Framework

For $47 more get access to the Yes Framework if you want more people to whip out their credit card and pay on the spot.

The YES framework is the ONLY formula you need to follow if you want to confidently close more sales with ease and create experiences where your prospects willingly pay your full rate and won't expect a hookup!

Imagine if....

  • Clients paid their deposit or invoice before the conclusion of the sales call You got a solid YES or NO before ending the sales conversation and not wonder if the prospect was going to move forward or not
  • Doubling or tripling your revenue because you have a clear guideline to follow each time you talk with prospective clients
  • Not having to second guess yourself because you know exactly what you need to say and do to guide your prospect to make a sound decision Feeling like a million bucks when your client whips out their credit card to pay for your services or product and thinking to yourself…
  • damn, that wasn’t hard…. asking for the sale was easy….
  • I can’t believe that they didn’t haggle me, ask me for a discount and I didn’t have to repeat myself multiple times or feel like I had to “sale” them

Lesson 1: Perfecting the Sales Conversation
Lesson 2: 4 Frame of Minds that Prevent the Client From Saying YES
Lesson 3: The Follow Up Formula
Lesson 4: Call to Action Best Practices





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